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An Overview of the Home Design Process

The home design process is best viewed as an interdependent set of overlapping activities. Very few functions have a discrete start and stop. Thoughtful coordination of the many professionals involved in building the home is required along the way. Much of the design process is developed through multiple iterations as the plans begin to materialize and decisions are finalized.

As is apparent from the high level diagram below, design professionals are involved every step of the way. Expressive Homes are well-designed homes customized to the way you live and reflect your personality, interests, and passions. This is a good reminder Why You Should Hire an Architect, and Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer.

Home Design Process Flow

The home design process involves everything from the initial site selection and site planning, to incorporating the owner’s requirements. Design includes determining the way the home will look and what the layout will be. It includes the products and materials used to construct the home, furnish the home, and accessorize the home. Design also includes the color schemes and decorating styles used to complete the home. All of these facets of design occur in a relative sequence to each other, but as detailed above, are not necessarily linear. Each decision impacts another phase of the process and may require going back and revising previous plans.

Familiarizing yourself with the overall construction process is also a good idea. You will need to make the determination whether you want to manage the construction process yourself and be your own general contractor, or hire the services of an architect or another professional. Regardless of the path you choose, keeping design at the forefront of the home building process will result in a uniquely wonderful home perfectly suited to you.

What Does an Architect Do?

Architectural design services include everything from initial consultation, to the design phase (site planning, spatial requirements, drawings), to construction administration.

Basics of Architecture

To learn the basics of architecture, first think about the architect’s role to design for safety, practicality, and beauty while encouraging imagination.

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer helps design and coordinate all the finishing touches of the home from lighting, flooring, and fixtures to furniture, décor, and more.

Basics of Interior Design

Learn how to incorporate interior design basics like planning, lighting, artistic creativity, central emphasis, and expressiveness in your home design.