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Finding a Custom Home Builder

You are ready to have your home built and are embarking on the journey of finding a custom home builder to bring your dreams to life. You have made the decision not to be your own general contractor, or to retain the services of an architect in a construction administration capacity. With blueprints and construction documents in hand, where do you go to find those master craftsmen who will be responsible for building your home? Five essential resources have been outlined for you below.


Design Professionals

One of the best options for finding a builder to construct your custom home is to solicit recommendations from your home designer. Architects and Interior Designers have worked with many general contractors and know which ones are better than others.


Lending Institutions

As part of the construction financing process, lending institutions frequently visit construction sites prior to disbursing funds for draws against construction loans. As a result, they see a lot of homes under construction and know who the reputable builders are. Tap into this resource so you will know too.



A highly engaged local realtor will have significant exposure to homes in the area, who built those homes, and which ones meet the quality standards you expect. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a realtor and directly ask for their opinion on who the best custom home builders are.


Home Builders Associations

Chances are, your jurisdiction has a local branch of a professional home builders association or its equivalent. Reach out to them and inquire about any custom home builders they may be able to steer you towards or recommend. Sometimes you may be met with an official position of impartiality, but you never know until you ask. More often than not, you will come away with something useful.


City Officials

Most towns, cities, and jurisdictions require homes to be inspected at various stages during the home construction process. The officials who conduct these inspections work closely with general contractors to ensure compliance with all building codes, ordinances, and regulations. The direct exposure officials have to the handiwork of a multitude of builders is insight worth having. So ask them for it.


Narrow Your Options

Once you have narrowed down the options of potential general contractors for your job, don’t forget to invest the time to research each of them in detail. Refer to the article What to Know Before Hiring a Contractor for more information on how to do this. Make sure your builder is willing to work with your architect or home designer.


Expressive Homes wishes you the best on your journey to build a truly unique home!