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Why You Should Hire an Architect

When you hire an architect, you are hiring a highly trained design professional. If you are deciding to build a new home, do not accept the unimaginative stock home plans of production builders. For a much smaller premium than what a tract home builder will charge, an architect will create a truly unique space and increase the total value of your home in the process. Designed homes are not just for the luxury market. In contrast to production builders, architects look to maximize value for the customer. Building a custom home is affordable. The true value of good architecture results in less unused space in your home, more functionality, better quality, and higher resale value.

new-homeProfessional architects undergo years of specialized training and licensing to best consult with you on the planning and design of your new home. An architect can be involved in the design process from conception to completion, or anything in between. The work of an architect is not limited to the creation of construction documents like blueprints or elevation renderings. Depending on your preference, the architect will also manage the construction process.

A skilled architect begins with a thoughtful consultation where dreams are shared and a vision is created. What inspires you? How do you identify your style preferences? What lifestyle considerations are manifested in the demands you require from a new home. During the design consultation, the architect will help you find answers to these questions and begin assessing options for best aligning your dreams with your budget.

As a concept design takes shape, the architect works with you during the evolution from initial floor plans into working drawings, which reflect your individual tastes and preferences. The architect translates how you will use the home into highly functional designs. While creating final layouts, architects also design the mechanical and electrical systems, which otherwise are often left to contractors in the field to do what is easiest and not necessarily what is best.

Some architectural firms also provide interior design services (see related article on Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer). A house designed by an architect, in partnership with an interior designer, truly becomes a work of art for the ages.