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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Similar to an architect, when you hire an interior designer, you receive design services to maximize aesthetics, form, and function. However, this is just the beginning. When engaged early in the planning process, interior designers partner closely with architects to create spaces tailored to your needs and the way you plan to use each space. Too often homes are built and occupants move in before realizing the home is not as well-suited for the way they actually live as they might have expected. The hopes, dreams, and excitement of moving into a new home are quickly tainted as problem areas emerge. An interior designer bridges this gap and helps create more value for you in the process.

A common misconception about interior designers is the false notion they are simply decorators. They clearly are very skilled at creating beauty through aesthetics. However, interior designers are equally skilled with ensuring each area within the home is also highly functional. Considerations such as the layout and design of lighting systems, kitchens, and bathrooms are all within scope.

If desired, interior designers will also coordinate with construction teams and installation teams to streamline the finish work turning a house into a home. Based on your preferences, they help select color schemes and create congruency between interior and exterior features. They work with skilled professionals to select trim, molding, and millwork. Interior designers are also very good at fully utilizing space through the use of built-ins and custom work.

By consulting closely with you, interior designers work within your budget to help determine the best flooring options, wall finishes, and window treatments. They also help with the selection of lighting and plumbing fixtures. When it comes to home décor, interior designers are especially helpful. They work with you to select and even purchase furniture, appliances, and electronics. They advise on bedding, pillows, upholstery, art, and other wall hangings. They attend to every detail, including general furnishings and functional décor.

Best of all, interior designers are often able to purchase products and services at a discount, which translates into more savings and more value for you. To fully embrace the living experience, a home designed in partnership with architects (see related article on Why You Should Hire an Architect) and interior designers is the best way to create a beautiful, timeless, and functional home.